Things That Are Keeping You Broke All The Time

Things That Are Keeping You Broke All The Time

Adulting is exciting, it means making decisions on your own including personal finance. It
is the start of acting like a grown-up adult and leaving the carefree ways of teenage life. It
means cutting back the things that keep you broke.

Here is the list of things you need to cut down:

#1 – Happy hours
Having a few shots after work is fine when you do it occasionally. Instead of spending your
money to buy alcoholic drinks outside, find alternative ways to unwind. Go home and
watch TV. Buy yourself a bottle of your favorite wine and drink it at home. Save the money
that you spend on drinks.

#2 – Credit card
Debt is not bad if you use it to finance a venture or purchase a property. Most often, credit
card debt is the one that affects your personal finance. The money that you pay for
interest is a lost money. Use your credit card to your own advantage. Pay your balance in
full every month to avoid a penalty charge. Utilize it for travel rewards and perks.

#3 – Wardrobe
It is necessary to dress appropriately when you land your first adult job. However, do not
spend a lot of money on a single piece of suit or dress. Be a wise buyer. Shop at discounted
or consignment stores. Have a clothing budget and maximize it. Every payday, buy one or
two pieces to update your wardrobe. Buy clothes with neutral colors that you can mix and

#4 – Fancy and expensive car
You need a car for your daily transportation. A new car is great but paying the monthly
mortgage can be overwhelming unless your salary can afford it on top of your other
expenses.  Save for your goal. If you can find a slightly used car, which costs less, you can
pay for it in full.

Don’t throw your hard-earned money away. Adulting is being wise and smart in personal
finance. Always plan your purchase before spending.

Alen Mitchel
Alen Mitchel

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