Learn More: Insurance Facts You Must Know!

Learn More: Insurance Facts You Must Know!

You tend to buy things that can make you happy, but you are missing out the most
important thing in life. Availing of funeral insurance, ease out the burden of your family and
relatives when it’s time to meet our Creator again. Having this one is not being dramatic
but it’s actually being practical.

Funeral insurance includes the casket, funeral home service, and gravesite, burial or even
for the cremation. Many people believe that when you reach 40, that’s the only time you
should avail of this type of insurance, when in fact, as young as you are right now, this
should be included to your priority list.

Here is the essential information about funeral insurance:

Funeral and life insurance are different from each other.

When you have a life insurance, your family will receive a long-term financial solution, this
serves as the source of income for your family. Compared to the life plan, funeral insurance
is more affordable, and it covers the expenses needed upon your death.

The cost and payment methods in Funeral insurance:

For potential plan holders, each package may vary upon your preferences. Prices are
ranging from Php36, 800.00 up to Php300, 000.00 Funeral insurance providers also offers
convenient payment methods such as monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and yearly.

Which of my family members can get the insurance money?

In funeral insurance, you can choose any of your family members that you can trust to be
your beneficiary. Your beneficiary will plan and prepare everything you wish when you

My husband has funeral insurance; do I need to get one for myself?

Yes, it’s highly recommended to get your funeral insurance, you must not depend if your
spouse already has it. Without funeral plans, your savings will cover everything to your
funeral costs, leaving your family bankrupt.

Alen Mitchel
Alen Mitchel

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