5 Clever Tips to Optimize Your Art Show Booth

5 Clever Tips to Optimize Your Art Show Booth

Art shows are one of the best yet traditional ways to show your skills and artworks to the potential buyers. However, this is also where your competitors are.

With dozens of art booths populating every aisle, you need something more to catch the guests’ attention other than your artwork. Professionalism and politeness can take you far, but technology can stretch your reach farther. here are some tips to get ahead of other art booths and optimize your time in the art fair.

Have a website

Let’s say you are a paper artist who created artworks in various sizes. You can bring every work you’ve done in the art fair considering that you have limited space and you do not want to make it look too crowded. Now, if you have a website, you can easily show the guests what other works you have without actually bringing it in the location. Add to that, this will also show that you have an online presence and your guest can easily find you should they decide to buy an artwork.

Make sure that you brought a tablet to show off the best user experience at a better detail.

Create social media fanbase

Social media is a powerful tool to get to know your target audience and interact with them. Create a great profile to show that you are a real person at an actual location. Once that is done, you have to research whom your target audience is following on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. From here, take the time to follow these influencers, comment on posts and naturally interact with them. This will make you more relatable and can add to your credibility.

Run targeted FB ads  before the art show

The Facebook ad interface allows you to reach your local audience. You don’t need them to click your ad, you want to gain presence and make them know that you are in the neighborhood and you would love to see them in person. You can create a bit of recognition and you will have a chance to engage with them face to face.

Be sure to run your ad even after the show. There could be some guests who have seen you and remember your artwork but not your name. It will be easier for them to recall you or reach you view social media.

Do something live

Spark interest by working in front of an audience. A lot of art buyers are interested in how artwork is created. This is the same reason why you should also post your creative process in your social media channels. By showing the finesse of your skills, you can even gain new fans right there and then.

Offer artworks with a wide range of price

Some potential buyers might want to buy an artwork, but their limited cash can force them to change their minds. This is why you must create artworks with a range of price points. You can create smaller works or you can also offer prints. This way, your art will be more affordable to your fans who do not have enough cash for now. You will never know when some of them will buy more expensive artworks should they finally have a bigger budget.

Alen Mitchel
Alen Mitchel

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